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Hallo liebe jSIFR Freunde, soeben wurde es wahr und wir haben hier von der Agentur aus diese Seite gelauncht: [url][/url] Kurz umrissen haben wir bei dem Projekt viel Wehrt auf ein luftiges Layout gelegt und durch...
18-06-2009 10:33:33
Last post by: Guest
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Post your general inquires to Joomla! or whatever else you think one of us or one of our other members might be able to help you with.

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Hi there, I would really like to buy the Content Uploader Pro for the K2 accessibility. However I cant find anywhere that states that Content Uploader Pro will work on a Joomla 1.5 install? Am I stuck with the FREE version? Thanks, Nath Is Content Uploader Pro working on Joomla 1.5?
13-10-2013 08:44:50
Last post by: gruntzilla

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I have the same problem. This Plugin is triggered by missing image, I received email from the system, but no URL path to image or to page. All I see is this: [b]Broken Image Path: Referenced on Page:[/b] I dont know how to find that missing... Broken image path with SEO solution?
05-05-2010 07:02:34
Last post by: cyberlik2

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thankyou so much for posting the update in your post. i too had the same problem where the links would come up with an error until i changed my main page link to a section layout great module! Module not working with SEF on
11-08-2011 11:23:11
Last post by: synergy

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Hi shenmu, I'm sure that this issue can and will be fixed, however, we are currently very busy and our plugin section has had to be put on the back burner. A new version of dragon share will be released at somepoint in the future but for... IE issue: Dragon Share Couldn't compatible with Rokbox.
12-01-2010 12:45:23
Last post by: forgetso

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Hello, I will be uploading many articles in an automated way (thanks to Content Uploader). However, with the new joomla 3.0 tags, it might require going in manually to potentially a few thousand articles to add in the joomla 3.x tags. This would... Import Joomla Tags in Content Uploader
03-02-2014 16:01:53
Last post by: FRUU02

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Have the same issue on Virtuemart pages :( J2Top isnt working with Virtuemart
01-04-2013 15:54:04
Last post by: Sergeniu

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Hi, I am new to JsIFR.I want to create a custom font set to use on my website. I have followed the steps as best I could from the online documentaion. I think my flash file is working correctly. I think my problem is coming in on the... Help with JsIFR3
15-10-2012 14:21:43
Last post by: brendonr

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Thanks Pete ! Do you know a deadline for Content Uploader under Joomla 1.6 ? Regards, Error using Version Check
17-01-2011 16:10:17
Last post by: Mermod

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Any plans on making JTop10, Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 compliant? 1.6 or 7?
19-09-2011 19:27:39
Last post by: DragonTheory

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Thanks again.. :) It 's great now.. Display category OR article amount
27-08-2009 19:37:11
Last post by: soso2k