Membership Types

We offer two types of memberships of which you can choose:

• Free Membership
• Pro Membership

The characteristics are as follows.

Free Membership

• You can download any of our free extensions and use them on as many sites as you want.
• Use them in your personal blog.
• Share them with your friends.
• Modify the extensions. (Let us have a look too out of curiosity, we encourage creative solutions.)
• Showcase your site in the "Site Showcase" forum and get feedback and ratings by other members.
• Use the Forums
• Get support on the forums
• Discuss on the forums
• Increase productivity
• Take advantage of our bookmark collection

Pro Membership

The Pro Membership comes with certain additional privileges which are determined by your subscription type.

• You can download any of our free extensions and use them on as many sites as you want.
• All Pro extensions have more features than their free counterparts.
• Use our Pro extensions on as many private, non-profit and commercial websites as you like

Subscription specific:
• 1 month support  for JsIFR3 - We will assist you to sort out any unforseen problems that occur during the setup.
• 6 month support for Content Uploader Pro - We will help you get started with your worksheets and configuration.
• 12 month support for Content Uploader Pro - We will help you get started with your worksheets and configuration.


• Get discounts on other extensions depending on the number of subscriptions you have.

If you are a freakedout client, you are automatically a Pro member with access to all downloads.

You automatically become a member when you subscribe to one of our services. The subscriptions are described in detail below.

Subscription Types

Free Subscription - Unlimited use of our free extensions

JsIFR3 Pro - Use on an unlimited amount of domains + 1 month support + unlimited updates for 22 Euro excl. VAT

Content Uploader Pro for Excel - Use on an unlimited amount of domains + 6 months support + 6 months updates for 40 Euro

Content Uploader Pro for Excel - Use on an unlimited amount of domains + 12 months support + 12 months updates for 70 Euro

Open Source Downloads

You can modify the extensions as you see fit, since everything is released under the GNU/GPL License. Read the GNU/GPL license, even if you have read it before. Do it again. Don't make our lawyers go after you. You can use our extensions on as many sites as you like, but we are not very keen on people distributing our extensions without any innovative modifications. And by modifications we don't mean removing the freakedout references from the code.

If you are a developer or would like to use an extension commercially we suggest you become a Pro member. You can achieve this by subscribing to one of the support and upgrade packages for the extension you need. This subscription system helps us organize incoming support requests and speeds up the problem solving time. These funds are also used for upgrades of existing offers as well as further development of good stuff that will make your life easier.  


- and we will leave it at that. If it needs further explanation, this membership might not be for you. We reserve the right to terminate any membership despite acknowledging most implied cultural differences, if we see inappropriate behavior, such as spam, soliciting, inappropriate advertising, personal attacks and so forth.


Support should be enjoyed in the following order. Most issues can be solved by reading the appropriate instructions.

• Documentations
• Forum (Most of the problems are usually already solved at this stage).
• If you are waiting for an answer in the forums for several hours during central european office hours or you are really short in time you can give us a reminder by email.

The support that we offer with our Pro subscriptions is to understand as installation troubleshooting. You must read first the documentation and forums to find a solution yourself. If against all expectations you cannot find a solution for your problem and you cannot get the extension to work as wished you may contact us and expect priority support within one business day. To speed up the process you should include the following information in your first contact: Joomla! version, version of the freakedout extension, PHP version, MySQL version and additional information you found out yourself and suspect to cause the problems. You should also provide us with an super administrator account (if possible) so that we can take a look at the settings and modify them if needed. If you fail to provide any of these information it may increase the time to resolve the problem singificantly. Please help us help you and provide as much information as possible.
We do not offer support for outdated Joomla! versions and Joomla! versions that have reached their end of life (such as Joomla 1.0, 1.6 or 1.7). Before requesting support please make sure you are using the latest versions available to the public or we may ask you to upgrade to the latest version and confirm that the problems still exist.

Refunds, Liability and Warranty

Please read the appropriate liability statements and warranties for the GPL and LGPL licenses.

freakedout is committed to make quality stuff whatever it may be. If you can't get it to run and the search function in our forum fails, as well as our support team, we will gladly refund your money and direct you to alternatives, which might do the trick for you. Some extensions we publish might have issues with older browsers such as IE6, the reason is that those browsers are just plain old and the world wide web has evolved over dozens of "internetyears" since their release. If such issues should exist you will usually be warned in the extension's description. It is up to you then to decide whether you want to use it or not.

Before we refund your money we will try to solve the problems and therefore we may ask that you provide us with an super administrator account to your Joomla! site, FTP access and access to the MySQL database so that we are able to solve any problems occuring.
Our software does what is described on its details page on our website. If you have questions about the functionality please get in touch with us before you buy. Functionality that we do not advertise and therefore is not available in the software is not a valid reason for a refund.


If you have come so far as to decide to join freakedout to download one of our extensions or frameworks we inherently assume that you are interested in updates of the products, thus all new members are registered for our newsletter during the registration process. The newsletter serves to inform our members of new releases or updates and will be sent very thrifty. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking the link in every newsletter you receive.

Privacy Policy

At freakedout, we respect the privacy needs of our valued customers and members. This Privacy Policy outlines what specific information is gathered on the freakedout site and how that information is used.

Maintaining the privacy of your information is of paramount importance to us as it helps foster confidence, goodwill and stronger relationships with you, our customers. If, at any time, you have questions or concerns about our privacy practices, please feel free contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

freakedout explicitly asks when we need information that personally identifies you (“Personal Information”). Your personal information is used to create your personal access to our community, our download archive, and to contact you in the course of using our products. Demographic and profile data collected by freakedout may be used to tailor this web site or any requested email communications, and to display information that is more relevant to you. freakedout also compiles demographic and product use information, but in the aggregate only, and may make that aggregate information publicly available. Under no circumstances will freakedout make any personal information about an individual user available to anyone.

As part of your membership in our community, freakedout allows you to elect to receive, or not receive, certain information from freakedout. freakedout adheres strictly to permission-based email policy. Except as mentioned above, freakedout will not send you unsolicited email information, commercial offers or advertisements. freakedout will not sell, rent, or loan our contact lists or our customer’s contact lists (including customer data) to any outside firms. All emails that you may receive will have an option to unsubscribe. Unsubscribe requests are fulfilled within minutes and no further communications will be sent to users who have stated that they do not wish to receive the specified information.

We use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server, and to administer our Web site. We do not link your IP address to any personally identifiable information. We use tracking information to determine which areas our site users visit based on traffic to those areas. freakedout does not track what individual users read, but rather how often each page is visited. This helps us maintain a superior and informative website for you.


We may change these Terms and Conditions from time to time without further notice. We will post any changes here, so be sure to check back periodically.

Contacting freakedout

If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions, the information we have collected from you online, the practices of this site or your dealings with this web site, please contact us:

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Peter Ader
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+49 179 60 44 909

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