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Monday, 15 February 2010
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1266311758_applications-education...except Internet Explorer. :-p In a three hour long session, you can learn the necessary skills to create a professional Joomla! template. This unique opportunity is offered by Daniel from Compojoom in a one time 20 seat Webinar via DimDim .

You might have come across the, without a doubt, most popular Joomla Commenting extension on the Joomla! Extensions Directory as well as the highly customizable Biggie Smalls template created by himself. It doesn't matter if you are new to Joomla! or have been trying to figure out the ins and outs for a long time, Daniel will help you achieve the next level in terms of template creation.

Because there is only a limited number of seats, you can be sure to get some quality time for your Q&A session after he has finished the seminar to eliminate any kind of missed concepts. Also, feel free to drop him a line at with any questions you might have before signing up.

But enough with the praise and let me give you a quick overview of what will await you if you decide to attend the webinar.

He will quickly cover the basics for you at the beginning of the webinar, including (Details):


  • General template information
    •  What is the purpose of a template?
    •  Why does Joomla! use templates?
    •  How are templates executed?
    •  Installing a template
    •  Working with the template manager

After which he will move onto the nitty gritty to give you the low down on each aspect of a professional template:

  • Create your own template
    • Setting up a directory structure
    •  Creating a basic templateDetails.xml file
    •  Creating a basic index.php file
      • jdoc statements
      •   the type attribute
      •   the style attribute
    •   Packaging the template for installation
    •   Overriding the system output
      •   a little theory about MVC
      •   Template vs. Layout
      •   Output types
      •   Layouts
      •   Create or copy layout files
      •   Overriding sub-layouts
      •   Module overrides
      •   Module chrome
      •   Pagination links overrides
    •   Template params
      •   Defining a parameter in templateDetails.xml
      •   Storing template parameters values
      •   Retrieving paramater data in a template file
      •   Creating custom template parameter types
        •   Location of standard parameter type codes
        •   Starting a enw custom parameter type
        •   changes to the XML file for custom parameters types
        •   coding a custom parameter type
    •   Multilingual templates
      •   Location of template language definition files
    •   Print version
      •   Customizing the print pop-up
      •   Pop-up only Styles
      •   Pop-up only Modules
    •   Favicon
      •   Changing the site favicon

In addition to all those new computer skills, you will receive your developer license for Biggie Smalls, giving you all the tools you need to create your next stunning template. If we have been able to awaken your interest to become a better template coder feel free to take advantage of this limited time offer.

Early Bird Special for $99 (ending Wednesday, Feb 17th 2010) --- EXTENDED until 20th Feb 2010!!!

Regular Signups for $149

Sign up here!

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