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Friday, 06 March 2009
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RulesofFightClubYour resource for interesting articles about technology and business related issues. Find value adding information which might give you the edge on your competition. Sometimes it pays to know that you have plan b. Our club is more than just a collection of articles.

Find out how you can improve your internet presence. Get support on the popular open source CMS Joomla! or check out our homemade extensions. We have something for both amateurs and pros.
Goal of this club is to optimize time consuming processes to save you time and money. Our membership and support plan details are listed below. 

There are two club membership types: free and pro. Your membership is determined by the subscriptions you have. You can have multiple subscriptions. Subscriptions, within the concept of our site, are basically the license to use our pro extensions along with a premium support package to ensure you get that piece of software running on your site.

Free subscription:
• You can download any of our free extensions and use them on as many sites as you want.
• Use them in your personal blog.
• Share them with your friends.
• Modify the extensions. (Let us have a look too out of curiosity, we encourage creative solutions)
• Showcase your site in the "Site Showcase" forum and get feedback and ratings by other members.
• Use the Forums
• Get support on the forums
• Discuss on the forums
• Make connections
• Increase productivity
• Take advantage of our bookmark collection

Sign up here

Pro Subscriptions:
The Pro Subscriptions come with certain privileges which are determined by your subscription type.

• You can download any of our free extensions and use them on as many sites as you want.
• Download the pro extension you subscribed to and updates during your subscription period.
• Unlike the free extensions, the pro extensions have no restrictions in terms of features.
• Receive priority support through the medium of your choice: Ticket system (recommended), forum, email, skype.
• Get discounts on other extensions depending on the number of subscriptions you have.

 If you are a freakedout client, you are automatically a pro member with access to all downloads.

You automatically become a pro member when you subscribe to one of our services. The subscriptions are described in detail below.

Currently there are the following subscriptions to be obtained:

Free Subscription - Sign up here

Content Uploader Pro - 6 Months Support + Updates during subscription period for 40 Euro - Subscribe
Content Uploader Pro - 12 Months Support + Updates during subscription period for 70 Euro - Subscribe
JsIFR3 Pro - 12 Months Support + Updates during subscription period for 22 Euro  - Subscribe

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Why freaked out?

The name "freaked out" does not symbolize our mental state but rather the approach to give our clients the unexpected - the extra edge - over their competitors to be successful in bussiness. That might appear from time to time a little freaked out but if you want plain vanilla work there are plenty of companies out there offering that. We go beyond.


If you have any questions or comments about our extensions or need help to get started please use our forums or the contact form. We will get back to you shortly!

Pro subscribers are advised to use the ticket system to receive premium support.


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