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Friday, 09 July 2010
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newsletterinterfaceOur Campaign Monitor integration for Joomla! has reached the final stages of the beta. Today we are announcing one of the most exciting changes to Joomailer: an entirely new interface. Newsletter systems are often complex and not very intuitive so we have tried to let ourselves be inspired by the whole "create and send" concept that Campaign Monitor is building upon. We have reduced the main interface to a dashboard, a create screen and a send screen.

As you can see in the screenshot below you can now access your list management screens and reports from the dashboard. It also shows you the latest created campaigns as well as sent campaigns with some statistics. By clicking on any of those it will take you to more detailed information.
Click on the screenshot above to have a look at the whole dashboard.

The real gems though are the create and send screens. From here you can pull your contents from your Joomla! article manager, K2 or even from Virtuemart, just by checking a few checkboxes. You have the choice to include entire articles or just the intro text with automatic link generation, which are tracked by Campaign Monitor's tracking mechanism.
The primary settings of your campaign.

Add contents to your newsletter.

Want to have a column on the side with more info in it?

Instant preview of how your newsletter would look.

Ready to go? Run a test campaign and then send off your news. Done.

Sidenote: You can also add users from Jomsocial or Community Builder to your subscriber lists. But make sure your terms and conditions state that your users will be receiving your newsletter when signing up.

During the next couple of releases, you can expect a leads screen for creating new lists from users that show a higher interest in your content. Google Analytics link tagging will also be added, so you can track your campaign from your Analytics account.

You will also find a detailed documentation with videos, which hopefully won't leave any questions unanswered as well as instructions on how to create your own Joomailer templates. It's quite easy and you can read up here how it works.

You can still register to download and support the project or just head on over to the features and screenshots page to find out more. Currently a BETA spot costs 30 euros, which will be discounted from the final price of 45 euros. Included are 3 months of access to downloads and support with creating campaigns, templates or anything Campaign Monitor. We will be locking down the suggestions process for the beta shortly.  Of course you can still write to us but we won't start implementing any new features beyond those that are planned until after the relaunch of our Joomailer site and the stable release.


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