When you are logged in as a member on our club site, click on the downloads link at the right hand side of your screen and download the latest Content Uploader for Excel from our document manager. The next step is to login to the administrator part of your site and head to the Installer in the extensions menu. Select the file you have just downloaded and click install.


1. Get the file from here when you are logged into our site. 

2. Login to your administrator panel:

Admin panel

3. Install the Content Uploader

Install the component

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Setting up the spreadsheet

This section will explain the basic concept of setting up the spreadsheet in order to do a simple upload of articles which include one image with no other great special formatting.

1. Create a new spreadsheet in MS Excel or OpenOffice.

2. Name your columns as follows in order to create a simple sheet to upload your next articles. This is the minimum you should attempt to upload

  • column A: Title
  • column B: Section
  • column C: Category
  • column D: Intro Text
  • column E: Main Content

Spreadsheet setup

3. Take note that the Content Uploader creates new articles. If you want to replace an article, you either need to supply the article ID in a spreadsheet column and set this column in the Update Articles field of the configuration or delete it from your site and add it to your next batch upload.

4. Give your spreadsheet a relevant name that will enable you to tell which articles it contains as this will minimize confusion in the future.

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Configuring the components parameters

Below you will find two explanations on how to setup your component's parameters before you proceed with uploading your batches of contents. Both the free and the Pro versions are explained.



Content Uploader free

Enter the following parameters into your configuration in order to assign the starting row and columns to your articles' fields.

The "first data row" field lets you define from which row to start creating your articles in case you would like to add other kind of information at the top of your spreadsheet.

The "section", "category" and "title" field lets you define which columns in your spreadsheet are used for the creation or population of sections, categories and article titles.

You can use as many columns as you would like for the "intro text format" and the "content format". When you are defining a column you have to use curly brackets {} around your column "ID". In our example this would be {D} and {E} respectively.

Content Uploader Pro

The Content Uploader Pro offers a feature rich configuration screen from which you can set just about any parameter that Joomla! has to offer. All you need to do is add your column references to the different fields. Additionally you can save different configurations to return to any of the setups you have created.



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Advanced Uses

Here are some examples of Advanced parameters setups with which you can achieve different results on your site. For example you could embed videos from different sites, hide content from a particular column from unregistered users and so on. Below you will find links to the corresponding Joomle! Extensions Directory profile pages as well as the author's homepages. You will have to download and install them yourself if you would like to use them with the Content Uploader. These plugins are easily implementable because they are "activated" by adding tags to your regular content.

Include imagesInclude images

If you know the location of your images and the names of each one that is to be included then you just have to perform two simple steps in order to do this.  First, place the image names in a column in your Excel sheet.  Second, place image tags in either your Intro Text Format or Content Format parameters.  These would look something like this:

<img href="/images/stories/{Column Reference}" />


Embed videosEmbed videos

You can easily do this for sites such as youtube and vimeo just by copying the embed links from the sites.  However, if you have a list of URL's then you may wish to incorporate the videos using a plugin such as the AllVideos plugin from JoomlaWorks or the YouTube Embed plugin.


{*vimeo}XyZ2123{/vimeo}     (without the asterisk)

and so on...

embed video tag

Hide contentHide Content

HIDER, from the crew behind JUGA, BILLETS, SYNK, and MANGA, is a Joomla! plugin that will hide parts of your content articles based on the visitor's login status. 

  • This displays only when the user is NOT logged-in

Hide content tag
Click here for more details and author's site : Dioscouri


Format contentFormat Content

XTypo is a GPL joomla mambot / plugin that able to produce an extra nice css styling to your joomla content. With this plugin, you don't need anymore to put any hard code css into your template css just to get an extra css styling for your content. Just install and publish this plugin and get your extra css easily with adding a string like this : {xtypo_alert} . . . {/xtypo_alert} , {xtypo_quote} . . . {/xtypo_quote} etc , into your joomla content.

Format content
Click here for more details and author's site : Templateplazza


Image galleriesCreate image galleries

The "Simple Image Gallery" and the "Very Simple Image Gallery" Plugins are called from within the content item. It can create a gallery in your articles using images from any folder.  The call which you need to put in your content is {*gallery}{/gallery}or {*vsig}{/vsig} (without the asterisks) and contains the name of the folder with your images. The configured path to this folder (image root, by default "/images/stories") is added by the plugin automatically and must not be inserted.

The complete call in our sample would look such as:


{*vsig}verysimple{/vsig} - without the asterisks

To use a folder within a folder, the path below the set root folder (by default "/images/stories/") is used, e. g. to use the folder /images/stories/folder/subfolder" the call would look such as:


{*vsig}folder/subfolder{/vsig} - without the asterisks

Image gallery tag

Click here for more details on "Simple Image Gallery" - author's site : Joomlaworks
Click here for more details on "Very Simple Image Gallery" - author's site : Bretteleben

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Updating Pro versions

Get a Pro subscription in order to use this feature!

There are two ways to update the Content Uploader Pro:

1.) Download the latest release from our website and use the Joomla! Extension Manager to install the new version on top of an existing version.

2.) Use the Update function in the Joomla! Extension Manager. For this option you need to set your Download ID in the component parameters first! Otherwise Joomla! will show you a warning: "Error connecting to the server: 403" and an error: "Package download failed:"

Open the Content Uploader Pro and click on the "Options" or "Parameters" button on the top right of the screen. Enter the following code into the field Download ID:  Get a Pro subscription in order to use this feature!

Press "Save & Close" and you are all set. From now on you can simply update the Content Uploader from within your Joomla! admin interface.

Tip! If you have multiple clients you can create a different Download ID for each one of them. This allows you to disable updates for each client separately. In order to make use of this feature, please open the Download ID manager on our site to create one or more extra Download IDs and enter that extra Download ID in the box instead of the code printed above.

The Content Uploader Pro works without entering a Download ID! It is only used to verify that you have a valid Pro subscription.

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Why freaked out?

The name "freaked out" does not symbolize our mental state but rather the approach to give our clients the unexpected - the extra edge - over their competitors to be successful in bussiness. That might appear from time to time a little freaked out but if you want plain vanilla work there are plenty of companies out there offering that. We go beyond.


If you have any questions or comments about our extensions or need help to get started please use our forums or the contact form. We will get back to you shortly!

Pro subscribers are advised to use the ticket system to receive premium support.


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