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NEW - Virtuemart importing component
14-08-2013 07:28:12
by norcaljb
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Here you can share your ideas for new widgets, plugins or mods that would save you time if you had them.

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Excel Upload and renew function
03-04-2011 14:58:11
by Pete
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Broken image path with SEO solution?
05-05-2010 08:02:34
by cyberlik2

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Module not working with SEF on
11-08-2011 12:23:11
by synergy

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J2Top isnt working with Virtuemart
01-04-2013 16:54:04
by Sergeniu

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No works my JsIFR3
16-05-2012 20:07:43
by Pete

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Forum Rules
10-03-2009 19:23:16
by Pete

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1.6 or 7?
19-09-2011 20:27:39
by DragonTheory

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Display category OR article amount
27-08-2009 20:37:11
by soso2k

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Does content uploader work for J3.x
18-04-2014 17:32:01


Why freaked out?

The name "freaked out" does not symbolize our mental state but rather the approach to give our clients the unexpected - the extra edge - over their competitors to be successful in bussiness. That might appear from time to time a little freaked out but if you want plain vanilla work there are plenty of companies out there offering that. We go beyond.


If you have any questions or comments about our extensions or need help to get started please use our forums or the contact form. We will get back to you shortly!

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Like printing money
The Content Uploader is like cash in your pocket. Time is money, and making it easier to build Joomla sites is like a printing press. Even my novice users understand spreadsheets. They LOVE Content Uploader Pro, and giving them a quick way to create content makes them very happy...
Awesome Plugin
Saved me thousands of dollars!! This plugin let me upload complicated spreadsheets into my joomla articles and saved me thousands of dollars in data entry. Peter was so awesome with support. Way above and beyond the support threshold. Thanks to these guys!! WOO HOO!
Fantastic component,
great service. Looking down the barrel of a massive amount of data-entry for a client's site, we were delighted to find Content Uploader Pro. (...) Once we'd correctly setup the sections and categories the import was a piece of cake - literally saved us days of work.
Great component
and even greater service. This component really made uploading content very efficient. you can upload hundreds of articles at once with full control on every aspect of the article. with the new version it even allows easy multilingual support with joomfish and also the ability to update articles.
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