We're very excited about the recent release of another fantastic free extension.

You might have come across Joomailer previously, our Joomla extension that allows seamless newsletter management and re-purposing of articles via Campaign Monitor.

Taking the existing functionality of Joomailer we partnered with Kelsey from thinksync, located in Australia, and created a whole new Joomailer

Now you have choice. Original Joomailer or our free Joomailer integration with the award-winning email marketing platform Mailchimp

Head over to our comparison page to see the differences.
You may also appreciate reading about the interface improvements made by Kelsey, in this article on his blog.

Of course, you can still get our original Campaign Monitor Integration. That’s one of the major strengths of Joomailer - the ability to choose between two of the most popular hosted newsletter platforms available today, based on the features and pricing plan that suits you best.

There are already a few articles about the Campaign Monitor Integration in our blog, so I will give you a quick overview of what the Mailchimp Integration has in it for you.
- Include Joomla! site articles directly into your newsletter. You have the choice between the full text or just the intro text. Articles from K2 are also supported in case that is your preferred blogging system.
- Send to segments of your newsletter list based on interest groups, email address type, sign up date and more options! Whether you only want to address those that have subscribed since your last newsletter campaign or those that have been with you the longest, it’s possible to target your subscribers for maximum click-through rates. Segmenting by users who open and click will also be possible shortly.
- Let users choose if they want to receive the newsletter when they sign up to your Joomla! site.

That last example is one of the best reasons to choose Joomailer. We have built a small component/plugin combo which injects the checkbox into your standard registration form. It also works with Jomsocial as well as Community Builder.

This feature makes it possible to combine registration and subscription into one simple form. We all know how hard it is to get users to subscribe - why make them jump through extra hoops? With the Injector, every member signup is a potential subscriber for just one additional click!

There are still some limitations to this, but we are constantly working at improvments. A known limitation is that it currently doesn't work with the K2 registration form. You also can't have any html template overrides for the Joomla! registration component, because that will override your checkbox as well as any interest groups that you have set up. But rest assured it's only a matter of time until these issues are out of the world.


On a different note I would like to point out a time-saving combination that might just give you the edge when it comes to setting up your favorite CMS for a new information hub on the internet.