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Broken images on a website make it look unprofessional and poorly maintained. They need to be fixed as soon as possible but how do you even know about them if you don't go through all your sites manually from time to time? Here is the solution:

This plugin scans your website on each page load for broken images and sends out an email if it detects one. This allows you to fix your website as soon as possible and saves you the time to check all pages yourself.

The plugin accomplishes this by listening for the jQuery error event. This event is triggered when an image can not be loaded because it does not exist in the referenced location. If that happens the plugin performs an AJAX request which happens without the user will ever notice it. The requested function checks first of all if the image has been reported before to make sure you will not get flooded with loads of emails reporting the same broken image. If the image has not been reported before it sends out an email to the address you have supplied in the plugin configuration. This email is fully configurable and includes by default the image path and the page on which it has been found not working so you will exactly know where to fix the error.

This plugin is based on David Walsh's tutorial 'Send Email Notifications for Broken Images Using MooTools Ajax'. Thank you for a great blog and sharing your knowledge David.

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