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Formerly known as the Excel Uploader. Now you can upload data from an Excel document directly into articles.  Each row in Excel converts into an article in Joomla!. Set your own limit for the amount of articles  you can upload and also use as many columns as you like in Excel!

You can also easily create your article layout in the configuration part of the component simply by referring to the column letters.

Interface Content Uploader PRO:


To download some sample data that you can use with the Content Uploader click here.

Features comparison chart

Features Free Version Pro Version
Upload Articles! included included
Create multi-level categories on upload included included
Assign multiple categories to articles
(using CW Multicategories component)
not included included
Set publishing state per article not included included
Set front page state per article not included included
Set article associations not included included
Set custom field values not included included
Manage multiple upload configurations not included included
Download/Upload configurations not included included
Upload K2 items! not included included
Upload J2Store products! not included included
Upload Phoca Cart products! not included included
Upload Akeeba Admin Tools URL redirects! not included included
Upload Web Links! not included included
Upload Contacts! not included included
Support basic 3, 6 or 12 months - Premium
Upgrades Lifetime 3, 6 or 12 months

How much is it?


24.99€, 39.99€ or 59.99€

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