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First of all, you need a .xls, .ooc or .csv file which contains the data you wish to upload. Each row of data will be saved as one article/k2 item/web link/contact/admintools redirect in Joomla!.
Once you have installed the component you need to set certain parameters before you can upload any data. When uploading articles these parameters are called "First Data Row", "Intro Text Format" and "Content Text Format".

"First Data Row" refers to the first row of data that should be saved as an article. If you have column descriptors in row 1 you should set this value to row 2. "Intro Text Format" and "Content Format" are parameters that allow you to specify how the data will be presented in the articles. At least one of these parameters must be set in order to upload articles and they should contain references to the columns from the Excel workbook in placeholders like so:  {A}

Download the demo spreadsheets to use with the pre-installed configurations from here.

Here is a short video to demonstrate how easy it is to upload Joomla core articles: 

Content Uploader Pro - Yachts Demo

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To enable JsIFR3 on your website all you have to do is install the plugin and enable it in the Joomla! plugin manager. The default settings should already replace several headings on your Joomla website.

In case you are not familiar with CSS and/or HTML, do the following to understand what gets replaced where on your site:

1. Right click on your site and "view source code"
2. Search (ctrl+f) for whatever words that need font replacement (like the title of an article) and look for their "class". (see examples below)
3. Copy the corresponding class or id name into the JsIFR3 configuration and refresh your site.
(note the period preceeding "classes" and the hashtag preceeding "ids")

Some examples of what it might look like on your site:

Content Headers:

HTML-code:  <div class="contentheading">Title of Article</div>
JsIFR configuration - css-selector:  .contentheading

Items from a list Menu:

HTML-code: <div class="menu"><ul><li><a href="/index.php>Home</a></li></ul></div>
JsIFR configuration - css-selector: .menu li


HTML-code: <div id="link_container"><a href="">some link</a></div>
JsIFR configuration - css-selector: #link_container

defines the style of whatever comes after these tags
to be put in your JsIFR3 configuration in order to be replaced

If you have trouble finding the right css-selector please use our forums and we will do our best to help you.

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The name "freaked out" does not symbolize our mental state but rather the approach to give our clients the unexpected - the extra edge - over their competitors to be successful in bussiness. That might appear from time to time a little freaked out but if you want plain vanilla work there are plenty of companies out there offering that. We go beyond.


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